Welcome to Joel's Weblogic Page

I have been working with weblogic since it was not much more that database drivers. I started developing on thier application server in late 98. Below is some links as well as some other tips and tricks that can help you.


Dimitri's Weblogic stuff - Dimitri has some cool hints and samples
Search Weblogic Newsgroups

Tools You Should Have:

Decafe - you need to decompile code to figure out why things are broken, quite often its easier to tell the vendor whats broken in their code than to let them figure it out. You should know, its most likly against your license agreement to decompile commercial software, so im not officially suggesting it.
TracePlus or Ethereal - both good sniffers, Traceplus costs money and is easy to use, its unique feature is it can sniff https traffic in IE. Ethereal is free, but a little more complex, and it cant sniff https, but it can sniff tcpip and just about everything else
Optimizeit or JProbe - they both work, and depending on the release one can be better than the other, my personal prference is optimizit.

How To's:

(warning, many of my howtos are just the psuedocode on what you need to do, you will need to do most of the grunt work yourself)
1.) How to track HTTP Sessions
2.) How to obtain and read a stacktrace
3.) How to debug a running server
4.) How to determine cluster restart order
5.) How to debug transactions