Joel Nylund

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Over 15 years of broad Software Engineering experience in the full life cycle of software analysis, design, development, deployment, and integration. Focus on building large complex business systems across a wide variety of technologies. Hands on experience as an Architect, Developer and Tester. Proven leadership experience as a Director and Manager of technical staff. Expert domain knowledge in the Telecom, Financial (Brokerage), Online Brand, Security and Fraud, and Domain Name business.


Technology Experience Includes:

Programming Languages: Java, Ruby/Rails, C++, Smalltalk, COBOL

Web&Application Servers: Mongrel, Weblogic, IPlanet, Tomcat, Resin, Apache

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Sybase

Operating Systems:  Linux, Solaris, AIX, Windows, HP/UX, OSX

Methodologies/Theories: J2EE, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web Services, Agile Methodologies, Semantic Web, Application Security, Software Patterns, Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD) Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Distributed Objects (CORBA,RMI), Relational Databases (Normalization, Data Integrity), and Distributed Transactions.



4/07 – Present    Keep Up LLC (Founding Partner)

Summary: Founder of a KeepUp LLC ( which is a community based personal organizational tool to remind you via email or text message of the time-sensitive appointments you need to remember in your personal, home, auto, garden, health or any other area of life.

       Startup Management Experience:

o   Responsible for developing business plan, financial model, product roadmap and marketing plan.

o   Managed the process of company setup, operating plan, trademark application, and patent search.

o   Managed Product Design & Implementation of software using contractors local & offshore.

o   Responsible for Marketing & PR, SEO and Online Advertising

       Hands on software developer:

o   Developed this complex Web 2.0 service using using Ruby on Rails, Ajax, CSS & MySQL

o   Developed Facebook Plugin using Rfacebook & Facebooker frameworks for Ruby

o   Implemented SMS Text inbound & outbound using GPRS Modem & Ruby interface

o   Implemented GEO calculation features using Google GeoKit, Zip to Lat/Long & Distance between points of interest.

o   Implemented integrations with affiliate networks including Linksys, CJ and Amazon.

o   Implemented PayPal payments setup & integration to allow payments on site.

o   Setup development process & environment including version control, issue tracking.


2/02 – 4/07      VeriSign  (Director of Engineering)


Summary: VeriSign is a leading provider of intelligent infrastructure. Held multiple positions managing both Software Infrastructure (including Architecture, Database, Configuration Management  & Performance & Scalability teams) and product/project Teams. Played role as Chief Architect, Project Manager and Director on many high profile projects.


       Manage teams of up to 50 Engineers across multiple disciplines

       Conduct technical due diligence on numerous potential and actual acquisitions

       Led numerous projects to build new products for the business team, supported from requirements through production implementation.

       Responsible for over $10 million dollars of engineering budgets while working closely with Business Partners to suggest, implement and improve revenue producing products.

       Led project to build massively scalable dynamic web site system with 99.99% availability and peak transaction rates of 3000s requests per second.

       Responsible for building consolidated customer system to bring together many discrete systems.

       Responsible to build and maintain key software infrastructure components (logging, configuration, business rule engine etc)

       Fostered the consistent use of Java technologies & frameworks across the organization and build a cohesive technical community across a widely distributed organization built mainly through acquisition.

       Managed outsourcing of projects to external contracting teams (both local and offshore) when necessary.

Technologies: Weblogic, Tomcat, Java, EJB, Security, XML, Oracle, MySQL, Information Retrieval, WordNet.

Business: Fraud, Phishing, Brand Promotion, Brand Protection, Domain Name Systems (DNS).



6/99 – 2/02      FOLIOfn  (Director, Chief Architect)


Summary: FOLIOfn is an innovative online brokerage offering portfolio based financial services to retail and institutional customers. Serving as the lead architect responsible for all aspects of the online and batch architecture including internal and external web sites.  Responsible for hiring technical development resources and establishing the development environment and toolset.  Established the architecture for the production environment and responsible for overseeing efforts to improve scalability and fault tolerance in a highly secure and regulated environment.  As the lead architect, responsibilities have included the following:


       Manage a team of 5-7 architects and provide application and system architecture support to 40 developers.

       Fully responsible for all application security aspects of the software

       Setup production architecture for fault tolerance and linear scalability.

       Developed or managed the development of all core frameworks and services for the FOLIOfn system including: Security Realm, Logging, Security, Clustering Management, object id generation, SQL access, Reporting, transaction access, and more.

       Improved the performance and scalability of the system by 50% by tuning application server, java, html, and SQL.

       Coordinated the purchase and use of cm tools, performance tools, IDEs, application servers and other software

       Performed java and EJB instruction to developers

       Manage code quality across all development teams by enforcing coding standards and conducting design and code reviews of all system components.

       Liaison between network staff, IT staff, and CM staff, I make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

       Manage the migration to new versions of software to production.

       Keep the system running and debugging trouble spots in system architecture

       Participate in business development meetings

Technologies: Weblogic, Java, EJB, Security, Sun, XML, Servlets, JSPs, JDBC, JNI.

Business: Brokerage Systems, order processing, data feeds, integration


5/93 – 6/99            American Management Systems  (AMS (Now CGI))  (Principal)

Summary: AMS is a large consulting firm providing business system consulting to Fortune 500 companies. Grew from a junior developer to a senior Architect and worked on many systems development projects. Summary of key roles is:


Principal Architect & Java Consultant - AMS Center for Advanced Technologies Consultant reporting to the CTO, Duties at this position include providing consulting services for AMS projects, primarily as a Internet and Java Architect. Other duties involve conducting applied research in Web Technologies.

Technologies: Java, Application Servers, Enterprise Java Beans, Internet, Security, Software Delivery

Business: Financial Lending Systems, Telco, Government Procurement


Technical Team Lead – Telecom Billing Systems.  Responsible for managing a java prototype development team. Responsibilities included scheduling, assigning, and tracking tasks, helping junior members with technical & design issues, and reviewing designs, code and technical papers.

       Development tasks included building a Java front-end system that interfaces with C++ server processes using distributed object technology and investigating several new technologies including JavaBeans ActiveX, and Orbix Web.

       Development tasks also included enhancing and maintaining a C++ Code generation tool for saving objects to relational databases that is written in Java. Experience on this project included constructing new graphical user interfaces in Java and working with clients to train them on the tool.


Senior Engineer

Worked as a lead developer designing numerous frameworks and services in multiple languages including C, C++ and Smalltalk. Frameworks included a Persistence Framework for saving Objects to various resources (Oracle, Sybase etc). Tested this framework for quality and performance. Maintaed frameworks in multiple languages and supported multiple client facing projects that used these frameworks.

Staff Engineer – Worked on site at large telecommunications companies including Bell Atlantic and Bell South Building Billing & Customer Care Systems. Performed Analysis of legacy systems. Wrote General Design, Detailed Design, and Coded of interface from new system to legacy system.


Technologies: Java, JFC(Swing), Orbix Web, ActiveX, CORBA, C++, Oracle,  Rogue Wave (Tools, Db Tools, Money), PVCS, MQ Series, HP UX, Windows NT, Smalltalk (Win32, HP UX), Envy, Sybase, COBOL, IBM MVS Mainframe, and DG UNIX

Business: Telecommunications Billing & Customer Care Systems. Financial Systems, Credit Scoring




       Masters of Science Information Systems, George Mason University School of Science and Information Technology. Received award of Outstanding Achievement in Information Systems.

       Bachelors of Science Decision Science and Management Information Systems, George Mason University School of Business.

       Sun Certified Architect for Java Technology, since 3/99


References available upon request